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Mini Tank 10L - 2.5 GL

Quick Overview:

The smartest instantly hot water solution.

  • Heat only the water needed for the start of your shower (10 liters) while your tankless
  • water heater will provide later unlimited hot water = do not water water while you wait!
  • Save water: avoid running water down the drain waiting for hot water.Perfect for the “under the sink” concept in cold places that requires instant hot water for one or two simultaneous points of use.
  • Saves space.
  • 5-year warranty.


  • Highly efficient: the 10 liter mini tank will always have instant hot water, it is perfect to be installed under a sink or places where just 10 liters would be enough to wash hands, or places far away from where the tankless water heater is installed so the water is hot as soon as you open the faucet!
  • Various applications: can be used for a small supply of hot water under a sink or also to provide hot water on the shower until the hot water come from the tankless heater.Instant hot Water (limited for 10 liters 2.7 gallons).Instant Savings: no cold water is wasted as the mini tank provides hot water directly to the point of use.
  • Perfect for remote places or places at home far from the tankless heater installation.
  • High Features