About Marey

Since 1955, Marey has been specializing in dependable tankless water heaters at an affordable price, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy endless hot water. In addition to our solid foundation of Puerto Rico, where we have excelled as the market leader in our industry, we also sell all across North America, as well as Central America, South America and the Caribbean Islands. You can find our products represented across major retailers and hardware stores including Home Depot, Sears ,Lowes, Walmart, Ace Hardware, Sportsmans Guide, Camping World and many more. With warehouses across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, we ensure that you receive your unit in a very timely manner, no matter your location. Our Texas and Puerto Rico Service Centers consists of a complete in-house customer services and technical services department, which ensures our valued customers always receive the best possible support for their products.

We make it our passion and strive to offer the most dependable and innovative tankless water heaters to best suit our customer’s needs. As our industry is always changing, we are constantly introducing new and innovative products to best utilize the most current technology available to enhance your hot water solutions. As a result, our products are always operating at the most efficient level compared to the industry standard. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of saving money on your electric and gas bill as well as reducing your carbon footprint, which helps conserve the environment in the process.

We are very passionate about helping the beautiful world we live in and we always ensure that our products can enjoyed by all. As a result, our products are the most affordable in the market and give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of our dependable products at a reasonable price which they can afford. In other words, we offer the best bang for your buck!

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