Warranty Policy

Dear Customer,

Congratulations! If you have just acquired a water heater with Marey quality: our tankless water heaters are extremely energy efficient (up to 60% more efficient than traditional tank heaters!) and environmentally friendly. Our water heaters are designed for customers like you, who care for our environment and want to preserve it for future generations.

Marey's limited warranty is comprehensive and covers all manufacturers' defects. Physical damage or damage caused during installation, exposure to extreme climate conditions, or dismantled interiors cannot be covered under warranty. You must follow the installation instructions exactly, and it is our strong recommendation that you employ the services of a licensed plumber or electrician to assist you with the installation.

Warranty coverage is for replacement parts and repair labor for the first year on our Service Center. After the first year, only replacement parts are covered. Refunds are not available under the warranty. Warranty repairs must be done at a certified Marey Service Center (customer is responsible for return shipment). In case warranty repairs are needed, please contact Marey directly at the number or email listed above for instructions. Please do not return the unit to your retailer or to the warehouse.

Product Suitability: Many jurisdictions have codes and regulations governing sales, construction, installation, and/or use of products for certain purposes, which may vary from those in neighboring areas. 

While Marey attempts to assure that its products comply with such codes, it cannot guarantee compliance, and cannot be responsible for how the product is installed or used. Before purchase and use of a product, review the product applications, and all applicable national and local codes and be sure that the product, installation and use will comply with them.

WARNING: Damage to the unit or residence caused by exposure to freezing temperatures is not covered under warranty and responsibility for this type of damage is disclaimed by Marey Heater Corporation. Please refer to your instruction manual on how to avoid exposing your unit to freezing temperatures.

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