Are you a Marey customer in need of an installation from one of our dependable technicians?

Our Home Installation Service provided by our expert technicians is the best solution to ensure your Marey water heater is properly installed and operating at maximum efficiency for a very long time for you and your family.

Please reference this interactive map located on this page to find the installer nearest to you. Our certified plumbers and certified technicians have all completed and passed a thorough screening and review process conducted by our trusted professionals to ensure we offer only the most dependable and professional experts to our valued customers. Please keep in mind that our installation network is growing at a constant pace, so if your region is not covered at the moment, it will likely be covered in the near future.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Disclaimer: Marey does not take responsibility for any agreements which the customer makes with the installers on pricing for installation services nor service warranty on the installation itself. Marey’s warranty covers manufacture defects on the product only.


Are you a licensed plumber / electrician who would like to become part of our Recommended Installers team?

Marey has been an innovator in the tankless water heaters business since 1955, and we look forward to continuing our growth with a trustful team of people who share our passion for innovative hot water solutions. Please feel free to contact us to begin the interview and selection process. You will need to provide us your certification which confirms you are a licensed plumber or electrician, resume, a brief description of your experience installing tankless water heaters and conduct an interview over the phone so we can learn a little more about you and your background. If approved, you will be listed on our map as our pre-approved installer. Contact:

Marey Heater Corp

Address: 211 Calle Delbrey City / state: San Juan, PR
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