Marey GA10FLPOB 2.64GPM Tankless Water Heater Propane, 65,000 BTUs, Flow Activated, Outdoor bundle, with accessories.



Quick Overview:

  • Great for camping, cabins, outdoor activities, animal care, or a regular home.
  • The 10L outdoor bundle is designed for temporary outdoor use.
  • Includes all you need for outdoor use: shower head, CSA-certified gas hose and regulator, and rain cap.
  • Easy to carry, may be set up in off-the-grid locations.
  • No electrical connection is required. Works with 2-D cell alkaline batteries for ignition.
  • Includes 3.0V adaptor if electrical connection is available. (consumes less than a third of the power of your cellphone charger)
  • Easy to connect to standard garden hose and LP tank.
  • The water heater must be set up vertically with water and gas connections towards the bottom.
  • Assure water free of debris and pressure between 45 to 60 psi for proper operation.
  • Not recommended for locations above 2,000ft of altitude.
  • 5-year limited warranty for the tankless water heater. No warranty for the accessories (shower head, gas hose and regulator, rain cap).



This special combo features MAREY’S 2.64 GPM tankless water heater with accessories so you may enjoy the comfort of hot water in the great outdoors. The versatile and portable bundle can provide your hot water demands where and when you want it. The combo is easy to set up and only needs 2 D cell alkaline batteries for ignition, no electrical source is required. But when available, you can use the 3.0V AC adaptor to plug in and save the batteries. In case of indoor use, 4” venting is required, but not included. The multi-use bundle includes the Marey 10L FLP unit, a shower head, a CSA-certified hose and regulator, and a rain cap. The shower head offers 3 modes: spray, massage or mist. The 10L outdoor bundle is designed for temporary outdoor use. It needs to be protected from rain and wind and it does not have freeze protection. Do not install the GA10FLPOB Marey tankless permanently outdoors.

Flow Rate:

  • Flow Rate @ 35°F Rise 3.4 GPM
  • Flow Rate @ 45°F Rise 2.64 GPM
  • Flow Rate @ 55°F Rise 2.2 GPM
  • Flow Rate @ 65°F Rise 1.8 GPM
  • Flow Rate @ 77°F Rise 1.5 GPM
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