Our Story


Marey, a leader in tankless water heating solutions–was established in 1955 by Puerto Rican entrepreneur Mariano Reyes. He sought to provide innovative new solutions for water heating to his native Puerto Rico.


Marey identified a continuous need for water heating solutions and in response to this need, further developed and evolved its water heating concepts to launch a new line of more efficient products such as point of use and other affordable tankless water heater solutions.


Marey continues to focus on the introduction of products that are both innovative in product design and efficient at an affordable price for the discerning consumer.

Who we are

Marey was founded by the visionary Puerto Rican entrepreneur Mariano Reyes. He devoted his entire life to the production of innovative tankless water heaters. While chasing his dream of sustainable, endless hot water solutions, he developed several new products like the point of use shower water heater, and expanded this product line to help people find affordable water heating solutions to fit their individual needs. His ideas are the foundation that positioned Marey as a market leader in Puerto Rico and worldwide.

Innovative Tankless Water Heaters

As a family-owned tankless water heating company, brother-sister duo Victor and Lourdes Yanguas represent the third-generation of innovative Marey products. They strive to offer dependable and state-of-the-art tankless water heaters to power your unique space with efficient hot water solutions for a variety of indoor, recreational, or outdoor uses. Marey’s ever-evolving products provide exceptional and reliable water heating needs for consumers worldwide.

Why Marey?

Our Mission

Become the number one energy-efficient tankless hot water solution provider by promoting eco-friendly, affordable solutions worldwide.

Our Vision

Surpass our customer’s energy saving goals with efficient hot water solution units and dependable accessories.

Core Values

Innovation. Commitment. Service. Respect. Loyalty. We strive to create a welcoming environment while helping our customers enjoy their Marey products.

Energy Efficient Hot Water Solutions

Don’t let expensive water heating solutions dampen your spirits. We strive to provide affordable, eco-conscious water heating products that give you the best tankless, heated shower of your life.
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