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    Marey 4 Gallon Electric Mini Storage Tank Water Heater


    Quick Overview:

    • Hot water on demand.
    • 150 PSI Maximum Water Pressure.
    • Under the sink hot water solution with a state-of-the-art design, this unit stores 4.0 gallons of water.
    • Compact design and great capacity: perfect for installation in kitchens, bathrooms, salons, bar, garage, basement, RV, camper, boats, office.
    • Easy installation: Simply tap into the waterline and install the heater directly at the sink.
    • 2 different applications: point of use for a single sink and as a supplement to an existing heater located far from the sink.



    • UL listed Temperature & Pressure relief valve included.
    • Enhanced safety mechanisms: Thermostat Control allows adjustment of water temperature. Overheating protection device.
    • Saves valuable energy and water resources contributing to financial as well as environmental savings.
    • Comes with knob controls for temperature settings. Selectable temperature range between 77°F to 171°F.
    • This Mini Tank water heater meets all efficiency requirements according to the DOE.
    • Purchase includes: Mini Tank Water Heater, 1/2 inch temperature and pressure relief valve, mounting hardware, and installation manual.
    • Comes with a 3-year limited warranty.
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    Power Pak Plus 110V – Only for export sales

    Quick Overview:

    • Saves water, electricity and space
    • Four-temperature level adjustment and water control
    • Easy management and simple adjustments.
    • Designed for areas with high incoming water temperature.
    • Recommended for the Caribbean region or southern states of the US.


    • 110 volts
    • Adapts to the house circuit breaker, for 10Amp, 20Amp, 30Amp or 40Amp.
    • Allows customers to regulate energy consumption
    • Built in filter on the water inlet to avoid sediments from damaging the unit.
    • Requires very little water pressure to activate
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