Gas Tankless Water Heater: Pros & Cons You Should Know Before Buying

Are you looking to upgrade your water heater for a more efficient and reliable option? 

Gas tankless water heaters are becoming increasingly popular. 

But before you take the plunge and buy one, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of this type of water heating system. 

Propane Tankless Water Heater

Are Gas Tankless Water Heaters Worth It?

Here are some pros and cons of gas tankless water heaters to help you decide.


  • Gas tankless water heaters are more energy-efficient than traditional water heaters, which means you’ll save money on your energy bills.
  •  Gas tankless water heaters that are battery-ignited can be used for applications such as off-grid, food trucks, camping, and tiny home.
  • They provide an endless hot water supply, so you’ll never have to take a cold shower again!


  • The initial cost of a gas tankless water heater can be expensive. For safety reasons, it’s best to hire someone who knows what they’re doing. Working with gas and electricity is dangerous if not done correctly.
  •  Gas tankless water heaters require a clean water supply free of debris and sediment, so the ignition system doesn’t get clogged.
  • You need to maintain your propane tank and regulator inspected or your natural gas supply checked by your gas company.

Overall, a gas tankless water heater is worth it if you’re looking for an energy-efficient and convenient way to heat your water. 

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