Quick Overview:

  • ETL approved
  • Designed using SMART Technology.
  • Up to 3 points of use application
  • Recommended for the whole US region


  • 220/240 volts
  • Requires (2) 50 Amp double pole breaker.
  • Must be installed no more than 50 feet from the intended point of use.
  • Whole house application
  • Its LCD panel allows you to program the desired temperature


Marey ECO180 provides 18 kW of power, being the perfect solution for a whole house application. This unit provides 36° F increase at 4.0 GPM, allowing you to have up to 3 points of use running simultaneously in hot climates. Check the temperature map for more information. Tankless water heaters provide an efficient hot water solution eliminating the stand-by energy consumption of conventional tank units.

Besides the fact that water heaters are used in our homes, they are also used in hotels and casinos. A casino water heater is a more permanent accessory as it is permanently housed in the casino kitchen. ECO180 provides hot water on demand like other portable heaters, ideal forzodiac casino mobile use when large numbers of people need heated water at the same time. Not all casino heaters have the same performance rating. The most popular types of heaters are Marey ECO180 provides 18 kW of power, extremely energy efficient.
  • Minimum Activation Rate 0.85 GPM
  • Minimum Temperature 80 °F – 140 °F MAX.
  • Water Connection Location – BOTTOM
  • Water Connection Size 3/4”

Flow Rate:

  • Flow Rate @ 35°F Rise 4.0 GPM
  • Flow Rate @ 45°F Rise 3.0 GPM
  • Flow Rate @ 55°F Rise 2.5 GPM
  • Flow Rate @ 65°F Rise 2.0 GPM

Additional Features:

  • German-designed with high quality stainless steel water channel and heating chamber. The ECO line by Marey is the only one in the market with a corrosion resistant patented heating element which reduces hard water build up from chlorine and calcium.
  • Activated by water pressure (5 to 85 PSI) from the moment the faucet is opened.
  • No need for pre-heating: instant tankless water heater on demand heating.
  • Must be installed by a professional plumber or electrician to ensure safety and quality.
  • Comes with 5 year warranty
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