Quick Overview:

  • Marey 170,000 BTU/hr
  • High Efficienty
  • CSA Certified
  • Residential Multiple Points of Use Liquid Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater
  • Not recommend for elevations above 2000 ft.


  • CSA Certified
  • LED Touch Screen
  • Computerized Safety
  • Flow activation
  • Oxygen free copper heat exchanger
  • Stainless Steel Venting Exhaust
  • Anti-Freeze Protection

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Whole house indoor solution for 3 or more multiple points of use, Marey’s unit has a maximum input rating of 170,000 BTU/hr and will provide a flow rate of up to 8.34GPM output at 35 °F temperature rise. This model is ideal for any any size home, apartment, cabin and small commercial usage. In addition to state of the art design, the unit comes with a computerized safety system, over-heating protection, flame failure protection and anti-freeze protection. CSA certified for the US and Canada market. Not recommend for elevations above 2000 ft.

  • Minimum Activation Rate 0.66 GPM
  • Minimum Temperature 97 °F – 140 MAX.
  • Water Connection Location – BOTTOM
  • Water Connection Size 3/4″

Flow Rate:

  • Flow Rate @ 35°F Rise 8.34 GPM
  • Flow Rate @ 45°F Rise 7.1 GPM
  • Flow Rate @ 55°F Rise 5.9 GPM
  • Flow Rate @ 67°F Rise 4.2 GPM

Additional Features:

  • Designed to effectively supply endless and on demand hot water for 3 or more multiple points of use
  • The unit has no pilot light and consumes no gas when the heater is not being used
  • Multiple built in safety features: Overheating Protection, Anti-block protection, Flame-failure protection and Anti-freeze protection .
  • Oxygen Free Heat Exchanger
  • Screen Touch precise temperature control
  • Compact design allows installation in almost anywhere at home.
  • Must be installed by a professional plumber or electrician to ensure safety and quality.