• Maximum of 4.2 gallons per minute for the perfect outdoor shower at 115 ° F leaving water temperature.
  • Maximum output of 100,000 BTUs for endless hot water.
  • No need for electricity: the unit turns on with 2 D batteries. Perfect for off-grid areas, campsites, cabins or any place where electricity is not available.
  • The unit has a digital display which makes it easy to adjust the flow of water and gas to the desired outlet temperature.
  • 4 simultaneous points of use.
  • Maximum flow: under 0.1mpa – 3.61 GPM / under 0.2mpa – 4.57 GPM.
  • Compact design.
  • CSA certified gas regulator, hose and portable outdoor shower included.
  • Safety features: Flame extinguishing device and overheating protection.
  • Not recommended for altitudes above 2000 feet.
  • Comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

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The Marey 16 Liter Liquid Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater, with a 4.2 GPM capacity, is a great whole home water heating solution, perfect for cabins, stables and kitchens. medium sized houses. As it does not require electricity, the device is powered by 2 D batteries. It is therefore ideal for off-grid areas or any other place where electricity is not available. This water heater can deliver a maximum of 4.2 GPM for a perfect outdoor shower at an outlet water temperature of 115 ° F. This very versatile unit is ideal for many different outdoor uses, such as washing your pet, washing your car and also for taking a large outdoor shower. It can also be installed indoors with proper ventilation, in accordance with local building and plumbing codes. The unit includes a convenient digital panel that allows you to adjust the water temperature and gas flow, this design provides hot water on demand, saving valuable resources such as energy and water. Designed to supply up to 4 simultaneous points of use, this device offers a hot water solution for a wide variety of applications. Its compact size saves space and is easy to install.

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